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SARS-CoV-2 is going to badly hit the world economy over the coming months.   Countries all over the world are currently shutting down offices and shops; employees are sent to work from home or are furloughed.


In these difficult times, teknowlogy | PAC focuses on its strengths and the conversations with its network. We have developed a comprehensive Covid-19 IT market model. It contains an optimistic and a pessimistic scenario and Updates for 2 months to reflect the latest developments in the market.

  • Market figures & forecasts for 35 countries and regions for IT services and software markets
  • Updates for 2 months to reflect the latest developments in the market
  • Customized Insights from our Lead Analysts


  • Get the latest insights about your markets, qualified by our analyst's expertise

2 Possible Scenarios

Our current view on the two possible scenarios (end of March), focusing on 2020:


The optimistic scenario assumes that by the end of April, the first drugs will be available that will successfully tackle the serious, life-threatening cases. Frontline workers will have sufficient access to tests and personal protective equipment so that the lockdown can be gradually relaxed after 4-5 weeks.


The pessimistic scenario assumes a much slower progress, with the delays more or less doubling. In particular, we assume 8-10 weeks of lockdown in most major economies.  

  • Two detailed scenarios that will help you plan and optimize your employees' work schedules
  • Valuable data to support your personal scenario

Your Scenario

We know from our own experience what a huge challenge it is to run a business in times of such a pandemic. The situation is evolving dynamically. Decisions - however hard they may be - have to be made on the information available. This is what we want to support you with.


  • You will interact directly with our Experts
  • Impartial outside-in view to analyze current changes
  • Optional: get on-hands support with actual crisis planning and post-corona strategies

Get the bundle

Get all the market information you need to successfully manage the upcoming months and position yourself for the post corona period. We will be happy to provide additional services to support you with you planning and strategy. For more information on which countries are available, contact us.


1-country bundle

  • Market figures and forecasts for one country, including updates for 2 months
  • 3 hours of analyst interactions 
  • Qualitative InBrief report for your chosen country


3-country bundle

  • Market figures and forecasts for three countries, including updates for 2 months
  • 4 hours of analyst interactions 
  • Qualitative InBrief reports for each of the chosen countries


35-country bundle

  • Market figures and forecasts for all countries, including updates for 2 months
  • 8 hours of analyst interactions 
  • Qualitative InBrief reports for all countries

Example of current market scenario



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